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Micro Ring Hair Extensions
The Micro Ring Technique is the smallest and almost undetectable Hair Extension system available. Designed to protect and nurture caucasion hair giving a superior result, this is a non - glue application which is not only safer but can be more durable and longer lasting when looked after correctly.
micro ring Hair Extensions
Arrange a FREE Consultation at A Touch of Silk (Edinburgh) or (Dunfermline) and we can talk you through the process and discuss aftercare, there is no obligation but if you do decide you would like to go ahead all that's required is a 50% deposit and your appointment will be booked for a minimum of 1 week in advance to allow time to source the best quality and match of hair.
We do the following:
  • 1/4 Head
  • 1/2 Head
  • Full Head
Price depends on the above 3 options & the length of hair
you choose this will all be discussed at the FREE Consultation. Remember we also offer a SAVING's Club to help you save up for the service if your booking longer in advance. 
We also offer an Application Only Service where we can apply your own Hair Extensions.
Micro Ring Hair Extensions
It is important to remember that your hair will shed daily which is quite natural and could be anything up to 50 hairs per day, this does not stop because you have hair extensions it just doesn't latch onto your brush, this will be released when you remove the hair extensions which after 12 weeks could be anything up to 4200 hairs.
We also can arrange a follow up maintenance re - tightening visit.
Other Services
  • Weft Micro Rings
  • Fusion Extensions
  • Pre - Bonded Extensions
We will always discuss the best option for you at the consultation.
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