A Touch Of Silk (Edinburgh) - Savings Club
 The A Touch of Silk all NEW - "Savings Club."
At a Touch of Silk we recognise how difficult it is at the moment to find any spare money for luxuries.
A new Hairstyle is important and you should never compromise on quality.
We are always looking at ways to help you afford your dream Hairstyle and make your experience that bit more special.
So we have introduced a new Service to our Customers
The Savings Club.
  • Simply Contact the Salon or arrange a FREE Consultation.
  • Agree a price for your Hairstyle.
  • Arrange an appointment in advance giving you enough time to SAVE.
  • Start making payments for your Hairstyle through the ADD to CART options below.
  • Example - If your hairstyle was £100 and you made an appointment in 4 weeks time you could make 4 payments of £25
  • Or you could make 3 payments of £25 and make the final payment at the Salon on the day of your appointment.
  • You then simply bring with you the PAYPAL receipts as proof of payment.
Hair Salon Service
Savings Club Payment.
Price: £5.00
Hair Salon Service
Savings Club Payment
Price: £10.00
Hair Salon Service
Savings Club
Price: £20.00
Hair Salon Service
Savings Club.
Price: £25.00
Hair Salon Service
Savings Club
Price: £50.00
We hope you like this Service it really is there to help you as we understand how expensive Afro/Caribbean Hairstyling can be. Remember there are no Interest charges.
The New A Touch of Silk Loyalty Card.
When you visit the Salon make sure you get our new Loyalty
Card which entitles you to FREE Treatments and a Weave
after Visits to the Salon.
We hope you like this new feature.
African/ Caribbean Hairstyle
African/Caribbean Hairstyle