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A Touch of Silk (Edinburgh)
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A Touch of Silk (Edinburgh)

Windows Media

Windows Media Scam Update (Arc Recovery)

Windows Media Ltd - Scam Update: Arc Recovery
I have now been contacted by John Hill from a Debt Recovery Company called Arc Recovery - Tel No 0740 7674148 asking for me to contact him to discuss the outstanding balance for Windows Media Ltd which is the advertising Scam Company selling advertising space in a fictional Journal called the Community Safe Journal. I have checked into this Company and there are plently of references to ARC (Noah) being 1 and a Debt Agency in Canada & Ashborne these have websites & 0845 No's etc. I find it very interesting that both Windows Media & this John from Arc Recovery all use Mobile No's beginning with 0740 767 and up to now no final reminders & no letters from ARC etc. all by Mobile Phone.

Windows Media Community Journal Advertising Scam

We have been approached by Gentleman from Windows Media pretending to be a Policeman selling Advertising space for a Community Safe Journal which at first was almost plausible until the seed of doubt began to niggle away in the back of our minds. So began the research into this Company and we came across a lot of information about this type of scam around the world & Windows Media seemed to be at the centre of the UK version of this. Windows Media approach small businesses who have recently entered their details on a Free advertising page & then offer a 1/4 page advert in their Community Safe Journal suggesting they are from the Police saying comments like "Don't worry your not in trouble" all very friendly, then you receive a copy of an advert that any fool with a basic ability on a computer could have thrown together in a few moments,an invoice and attached letter with a very basic logo and no Company details at the bottom eg: Registered Office & Address, Vat Reg No etc asking for £150 with a 10% discount if you settle quickly. Now the fun starts as you start to receive a lot of phone calls from them asking have you had a chance to look at the advert to approve etc bearing in mind that you have been provided with a copy proof to sign and make any changes with 14 days so why all the phone calls all of a sudden. I have contacted Fife Trading Standards who have confirmed it is a Scam and there is no journal & when would the Police have time to sell advertising space, we then cam across this Blog that really explains it all much better than our Blog, please read and fully understand the depths people will go to swindle a small business out of their hard earned money enjoy ......